Arlington National Cemetery

February 24, 2023

Arlington National Cemetery

2023 marks the 160th anniversary of the establishment of Freedman’s Village. Located on land that later became part of Arlington National Cemetery, Freedman’s Village served as the home of formerly enslaved people starting in 1863. Freedman’s Village predated the first military graves here, and it became a thriving community where newly freed Black Americans learned skills to help them navigate their transition into freedom.
Even though no structures from Freedman’s Village remain, people of all ages can learn about the history and legacy of this significant site through our African American History at Arlington National Cemetery Education Module.

Access the African American History at Arlington National Cemetery Education Module here:[0]=AT3ZqISZ9xGMxKbm4usAUlPqqRbqMXhpAiQnsAkePaipXwVY4MUS38tCXoJEg6tL-ri8QS4OLblCoiRKp6NNZWx8Ek33tMO6hAZ89rH2SzC7PVxRefWlqlzShhZ-0YkYIRR2zyJRhjehNuCG3gSpxHZVF4iZaLPhOReeMjgM8erA4Tbgsl0vHVVaw-kxMva-XmGLHnkFz3o35hppfg

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