Cleveland Cremation Discusses….What Matters Most?

August 6, 2013

What Matters MOST to YOU?

Have you had “The Talk”?

Have you told anyone about YOUR most memorable experiences?

Have you shared YOUR story with your family?


When discussing LIFE, there is ALOT to talk about. There’s the normal –  where you were born, where you went to school, where you grew up, where you went to church, etc. But, have you really ever talked with your family about what’s really important,

what matters MOST to you?

It’s important to tell YOUR story! Share your life changing experiences! Laugh about your funny stories! Talk about living and dying! Express your love for your spouse, children, grandchildren and friends! Cry about the sadness you have experienced and how it changed you! Talk about all the “first times”! Smile about what makes you happy! Express your favorites – colors, candies, foods, restaurants, vacations, flowers,etc.!

It’s your job and your loved ones job to know these stories. Remember these stories. Remember YOUR story!

It’s what matters MOST to YOU! It’s who you are!

Sometimes it’s not easy to talk about all of this LIFE stuff. But, IT’S IMPORTANT! When the time comes to honor YOU and YOUR LIFE, people need to know YOUR STORY!

Make the Difference and tell everyone What Matters Most to YOU!

Click here to visit Talk of a Lifetime.

View a touching video here Have the Talk of a Lifetime.

Cleveland Cremation is here at any time to help you with planning an event to honor your loved one.  We pride ourself in being “not a traditional funeral home.” We can help you create a meaningful way to memorialize the life that was lived by the stories you were told, the stories you remember, and what matters MOST.