What’s the Difference between a Death Notice and an Obituary?

April 2, 2012

In Cleveland, OH, the local newspaper, The Cleveland Plain Dealer, offers families the opportunity to submit either a death notice or an obituary. We, at Cleveland Cremation, help families learn about the 2 main differences between a Death Notice and an Obituary.

The first main difference between these two newspaper submittals is the length of what is submitted to the newspaper. An obituary is a longer than a death notice. An obituary is a notice of a person’s passing along with a brief biography of the person. The obituary should include personal information about the person, how they lived, who they loved, what they accomplished in their lives, funeral arrangements, any donations, and a picture. This information will give the reader insight to who this person was. A death notice an announcement of a person’s death and arrangements for funeral or cremation services. There may be a picture with a death notice but this is not necessary.

The other main difference in these two newspaper submittals is price. Because of its length, an obituary is more expensive than a death notice. This expense increases with the length of the obituary and pictures or logos that may be added. A death notice is considered a classified ad and price is determined by each line of information.

Whether the family decides to submit a death notice or an obituary, the staff at Cleveland Cremation assists them in writing and submitting a personal tribute of the deceased.  This information can be placed in The Cleveland Plain Dealer or any other local Cleveland Newspaper. www.cleveland.com