What’s the Value of a Memorial Service?

May 9, 2012

Memorial Services have become increasingly more common in the United States. Just because they tend to be more informal and less expensive, doesn’t mean they are less meaningful. Actually, memorial services can be more meaningful.

First off,  let’s explain the difference between a funeral and a memorial service. A funeral is where the body of the deceased is present.  A memorial service is conducted without the presence of the body. During a memorial service, people tend to focus more on the celebration of one’s life rather than the person’s death.  That focus of celebration is very healing.

Having a service after the death of a loved one is a very necessary and healing experience. It is part of the grief process and gives family and friends closure as well as comfort. Not only are you honoring the deceased, you are giving yourself, as well as others, a chance to reflect on a life that’s been lived.  Share stories, talk about memories, play  favorite music, display photos, eat food – do whatever you want in order to pay tribute to your loved one. That is the value of a memorial service.

There is no wrong way to do a memorial service. When planning a memorial service, take the time to remember your loved one and the life they lived.

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