Cleveland Cremation On-Site Crematory

January 24, 2013




In July of 2012, Cleveland Cremation began the construction of our new on-site crematory.  As of December 27, 2012, we now operate our own crematory and your loved one never leaves our care.  We are one of the a small number of facilities to run our very own crematory inside our brand new, clean, and secure facility.

To us at Cleveland Cremation, we believe that our “Worry-Free” cremation process is extremely important.  Our “Worry Free” Cremations ensure our families have the highest degree of confidence in our cremation method through our 10-step security process.

Our staff members are certified. We are members of the ICCFA, which provides professional accreditations to our staff. We strictly follow a Cremation Code of Ethics, an assurance to you of our commitment to self-respect and integrity.