Timothy J. Schardt

Timothy John Schardt, age 67, is a St.Johns grade school graduate and graduated from Woodward High School 1972.
Left this world in style on December 29, 2021. He had on his black hat, just as he always did when he went anywhere. He tried to sneak out quietly but was surrounded by his four loving children. We all ask that he give our regards to grandma and grandpa.
Tim grew up in Point Place, Ohio and lived his last year in southeast Michigan near the lake. He raised his children in Swanton, Ohio. His favorite hobbies were sailing and model airplanes/ boats. We thank him for his military service (1974-78, honorably discharged, Petty Officer Third Class). He used to evasively just pass it off that he “played Navy”. He was often playful in his humor, such as faking a tattoo when home on leave from Guam (USS Vulcan). He stayed in touch with his siblings over the years; Colleen, Joe, Mike, and Kathy.  Tim recently retired after 30+ years at Toth industries.
He spent his last weeks in a private residence under the care of his four children; Sara, Rose, Molly, and Matt, to whom he left his love of stargazing and motorcycles.  He and the family enjoyed ice cream together and shared a lot of laughter. He was surrounded by the music of Pink Floyd, many ” I love yous”, and the squeals if his youngest grandchild.  His legacy of DIY and helping others will be passed down to his three granddaughters. Tim enjoyed making faces at them and watched them grow with curiosity and amazement.
Tim was most proud and happy when he noticed small acts of kindness. He was impressed when people were truly and genuinely thoughtful. For instance, he bragged extensively about the 10″ tree his mother brought him while in the hospital when he was young, even though he could care less about Christmas or customary gift giving. He was intentional about looking out for others and valued small acts of kindness. He avoided talking about his good deeds and denied any credit given. He was generous in secret if possible.  He liked to talk about science and philosophy, but encouraged that nothing be taken too seriously. He was a thinker and questioned everything.
If you would like to do something in remembrance of the in-Tim-idator, he would have liked it if you tinker with a hobby or spend some time being present with someone. Don’t ask questions or anything, just sit on a porch together or fly a model plane in a field. Live for more than taxes and a paycheck. He did not like large gatherings or being the focus of attention.  He did not want any religious or monetary remembrances. His greatest value was respect and kindness to those who are most vulnerable. If you could, do something like shovel snow for someone this year who might struggle. He would also approve of watching an episode of the Red-Green show for a few good laughs while you’re remembering him. Family will be holding a private rememberance.
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  1. LuAnn Shutters says:

    RIP Tim. You will be missed. My prayers and love sent to your family. You were always a great friend to Dave Chris and I.

  2. Sandy Slusarski says:

    I think Dale and I met Tim and Colleen at The Roadhouse on Bike Night many years ago, and we always felt like we’re closer than family.
    So many fun memories!
    So many great places…always with food, music and our mutual friends.
    Goodbye to a sweet wonderful man.
    Until we meet again in heaven.