Cleveland Cremation is Unique – NOT a Traditional Funeral Home in Cleveland – WHY?

April 18, 2013

Cleveland Cremation is a non-traditional business, but is licensed exactly like a traditional funeral home. We are not your traditional funeral home in Cleveland.


Cleveland -Cremation- Not a traditional funeral home

Because we are not a traditional Cleveland funeral home, we  do many things different.  We listen to the families we serve and try, in every way possible, to memorialize their loved one the way they see fit.  In our eyes, there is no right or wrong way.  Whatever a family decides to do, Cleveland Cremation is here to help them through their journey every step of the way.

It is extremely important to us that we celebrate the life that your loved one lived! These services are designed to celebrate a life and help support the family and friends.

Here are some very non-traditional ways  to memorialize a loved one:

1) Angels Flight  Cremated  Remains Scattering from within a Beautiful Fireworks Display.  The Huffington Post Live did a story on this company. It was a very informational and unique way to memorialize someone. Click here to watch the video.

2) LifeGem   Your LifeGem memorial will provide a lasting memory that endures just as a diamond does. Forever.

3) Holy Smoke      We offer a way to honor your deceased loved one by giving or sharing with him or her one more round of clay targets, one last bird hunt, or one last stalk hunt.

4) Celestis, Inc.   Celestis makes it possible to honor the dream and memory of your departed loved one by launching a symbolic portion of cremated remains into Earth orbit, onto the lunar surface or into deep space.

5) Thumbies   Fingerprint Keepsakes of your loved one.

6) Blue Sky Goodbye   The scattering of ashes often provides families with closure and a way to set their loved one free.

7) Personalized Memorial Art  

8) Scattering ashes over Lake Erie