Coping with the Holiday Season

November 21, 2013

Coping with the Holiday Season is difficult!

What can you do to help yourself during the holidays after you have lost a loved one?



Handling the Holidays is difficult after you lose someone!


H      Help yourself by being realistic about what you can accomplish this season
O      Only YOU can understand how you feel right now

L      Let a caring friend or family member be a part of your holiday – spread the gift of love

I       Initiate old family traditions that help you feel good

D     DO NOT isolate yourself, but don’t feel you have to attend everything either

A      Allow for the possibility of creating new family traditions

Y      YOU are special! If there’s something extra you need to do for yourself, DO IT!

S      Seek the support of those you are comfortable with    


Please take some time for yourself during this Holiday Season. We understand that coping with the holidays is difficult. 

Call us at Cleveland Cremation if you need other resources.  We would be glad to help you!

Here are some other useful sites:

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