Green Cremation

April 23, 2014

Today, environmental preservation is becoming more and more important. Many folks want to make their “foot print” smaller and choosing cremation as their final disposition is just one way.

As cremation has evolved, we see options for urns that are biodegradable, allowing a natural breakdown and making your loved one naturally become part of the environment. We also see a rise in burial at sea. There are ways to have your loved ones cremains become part of a coral reef that will continue to preserve and increase the underwater ecosystems. As we continue to learn and develop we see cremation machines (retorts) that are flameless, reducing the amount of carbon dioxide that is released into the air.



Cremation offers benefits of saving land that may have been used in a cemetery. It also prevents chemical toxins that are released into the ground when embalming care and burial in a cemetery take place. Cremation also offers families the option of keeping their loved ones cremains with them at home.

As we continue to grow and develop environmentally, so will cremation, allowing more options for green alternatives.