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Richard Mark Dobson passed away from natural causes at his home in Maple Heights, Ohio on April 5, 2024. He was 71 years old. Rich was a loving brother, brother-in-law, son, uncle, godfather, neighbor, and a faithful friend to all who knew him. Rich’s neighbors were his second family and there was no limit to what he would do to help, whether it was a repair project, yard maintenance, or a kind word and a laugh, he was always available, and this was evident in the vast number of people who stopped by to mourn his loss and offer condolences. This commitment to sharing extended beyond his immediate neighborhood to the greater Cleveland area where he volunteered regularly. Most of Rich’s career was dedicated to the manufacturing and chemical processing industries where he brought a strong work ethic, honesty, and integrity to everything he ventured, and was always willing to volunteer new ideas to improve operations. In retirement Richard’s energies were focused on being the consummate handyman who was always inquisitive and never afraid to try anything, from plumbing to carpentry, and particularly when it came to electronics. This ability coupled with his love of music led to the restoration of many pieces of vintage audio equipment that he generously shared with family and friends. Rich was a capable gardener and an exceptional cook who could turn random items in the refrigerator into delectable meals. Rich was a complex man, sometimes growly and blunt, but more often charming and self-deprecating, and he was always his own harshest critic. He was refreshingly undisguised. In life and now in death, you are loved, dearly missed, and never forgotten.

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  1. Barry says:

    Dear Rich – Although you are gone your memory lingers on. Memories are like looking at an old photo that recall a joyful time, and I am thankful for those times and grateful to call you my brother-in-law. All the holidays we were together and the amazing food you prepared. When were temporarily living at the Luxona house, riding sleds with my boys down that crazy hill out back that went right to the rivers edge. Being there for the birth of our beautiful daughter and being her Godfather. The time we worked together and all the friends you made in the shipping / receiving department. The time you helped my family and me paint our new house. What an exciting time in our life that we were able to share, and I hope you knew that my mother and sister thought the world of you. Thanks for complimenting my pierogies. For filling in for me and playing Santa that one Christmas. You definitely nailed the look, but I think the kids detected something in the voice that may have given you away, haha. Our shared passion of vintage audio equipment and vinyl records made us kindred audiophile spirits. You were an intelligent, well-versed man, Rich, with many varied interests, and I will forever relish our many interesting and heartfelt conversations. But I am most thankful for you being such a great brother to your sister, my wife. Her love for you was deep. I can see that through the tears in her eyes. I’ll always remember you this way.

  2. Anita says:

    I’m so sad today, Rich u put my garbage out and put my cans back every week for me for sooo many years I’m sure I will have to set an alarm to remind me. You were the best neighbor ever, there was never a time that I called on you and u didn’t help me. From borrowing tools, to helping me put things together to getting my packages until I got home. I remember when my dad asked me to introduce him to you so he could thank you for always looking out for me over the years when he was not available. You were truly a good friend, when I would be on the phone with my mom and I would holler over to u to say hi my mom would always say tell Rich I said hi too. I was so blessed to have u as not only my neighbor but my friend. Miss u everyday since ur transition Rich

  3. Ottis says:

    Rich was a good friend of mine and he helped me out a lot.

  4. COLLEEN says:

    My neighbor 6 doors down. It was always so much comfort to know that you were there for my mom. She would say Rich walked up to see me. You held a special place in her heart I thank you for that No more suffering Rich you are at peace now! Love you Rich

  5. Constance Varner says:

    Donna, was saddened to learn of your brothers death. Praying that our Lord will comfort you and your family in this time of loss. Keeping you all in prayer. In Christian love, Connie

  6. Andrew Sobole says:

    Rich will be missed dearly. He was my uncle. As a kid, he was stern, and the kids generally kept a distance, but as I grew older, he really grew on me. He celebrated many holidays with our family and I really began to enjoy his “Straight Shooter” attitude when it came to the important things in life such as a good meal, audio equipment, and music. He had a positive impact on those who were close to him and he always seemed willing to lend a hand in areas where he was knowledgeable. He was a good brother to my mom when she needed a brother. He was a good friend when a friend needed him. Rich was reliable and always willing to rise to the occasion, even in the midst of his failing health and other tribulations. His family and friends will truly miss him.



  7. Andrew Sobole says:

    Rich was a good guy. He was my uncle. As a kid, he was stern, keeping the kids on their toes, but he really grew on me with age when I discovered his lighthearted side. I looked forward to his “straight shooter” attitude when he would visit on holidays. He didn’t pull any punches when it came to the important things in life, like a meal or audio equipment. He was a unique guy, and his presence in our lives will be dearly missed.



  8. COLLEEN says:

    My neighbor 6 doors down. It was always so much comfort to know that you were there for my mom. She would say Rich walked up to see me. You held a special place in her heart I thank you for that
    No more suffering Rich you are at peace now! Love you Rich

  9. Anita says:

    Rich…I will always cherish the 22yrs that I had u as my neighbor. You were more than just a neighbor you were and always will be my friend and family to me and my son. It’s not a day that goes by that I don’t look outside at your house and not think about a memorable moment of u. We always looked out for each other whether it was food, a ride, a call, u watching my house when it was out of town. Rich I could go on and on, Rich I know u know I loved you like family and u will forever be in my heart. You left me so much to smile about, one thing I know now is how to be a good neighbor and I can rest knowing that you are resting in heaven becuz anyone that knew u know u didn’t rest on this earth. You were always either helping others or doing a new project around your home that u took pride in keeping up. I miss u Rich, until we meet again.

  10. Sharon says:

    I love you Rich. Donna loved you so much. Thank you for taking me boating.
    Thank you for the good talk at Donna’s.
    Thank you for taking such good care of the house all these years. And yes, you were blunt at times, but I grew to love that about you. It was disarming to me.
    I will never forget you Rich.